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Submerged Arc Welding Machines ( SAW )

Submerged arc welding ( SAW ) is a high quality, very high deposition rate welding process.  Submerged arc welding is a high deposition rate welding process commonly used to join plate.

Submerged Arc Welding Benefits
Extremely high deposition rates possible
High quality welds
Easily automated
Low operator skill required

Common Submerged Arc Welding Concerns

We can help optimize your welding process variables. Evaluate your current welding parameters and techniques.  Help eliminate common welding problems and discontinuities such as those listed below:
Weld Discontinuities

Submerged Arc Welding Problems

Solidification Cracking
Hydrogen Cracking
Incomplete fusion
Irregular wire feed

If your company is experiencing these or other welding problems you can retain ATE to improve your weld processing.  Hire ATE to act as your welding specialist.