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It's beginning to feel like a new feature of the business cycle: Every few years or so, companies worldwide and consumers embrace the concept of green business. We're certainly in the midst of one of those moments right now. But something seems different about our current green awakening.

This time, the action is being driven as much by markets as morality. High oil prices, global warming, the sense that chemicals cause real harm and the earth's resources are indeed finite--these are not so much charitable causes to embrace as they are problems that entrepreneurs can solve. So the question is what and how much can we really do?
ATE Welding
For starters, we recycle paper as much as we can. And it is not because our founders want it but because every employee of the ATE Family strongly believes it; to the extent that some people may not approve of it. We recycle all received envelopes and reuse them with our own rubber stamp that reads 'Envelope recycled - An ATE WERA Pvt. Ltd. initiative'.
We use the back side of used paper for printing and what paper cannot be used for reprinting goes in to our shredder. The shredded paper is used as a buffer to pack sensitive items. We reuse boxes that come to us for products purchased by us and definitely reuse wooden boxes that reach us. A single desk at our premises recycles up to 50 envelopes a day. Slowly but surely we are able to spread the joy to our customers, vendors and other business associates as well. Begin a movement, you will witness great dividends and this cannot be taken away. It’s just like success following hard work.

And to make a bigger contribution, we make equipment that saves power. Use our premium inverter technology based welding power sources and save up to 50% power when compared with conventional welding power sources. We conducted a small test ourselves and the results delighted us