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Tregaskiss – An ITW Group company manufacturing the world’s best MIG Welding torches for robotic, semi-automatic and automatic applications. MIG Welding torches do not get better than this. Ask any of our high profile customers and they will not regularly but strongly recommend Tregaskiss. These torches are designed to save for you in more ways than one. One of our many customers is saving 77% (amounting to Rs.8 million) annually after switching over to Tregaskiss from competition. And this over 100 torches in a single plant. Are you ready to take the challenge and beat this figure? Go visit and look up our association. We represent Tregaskiss in India as their leading Distributors and with pride, we might add. Click here to know how much you can save for your organization if you switch over to Tregaskiss.
ATE Welding
Selco – For now Selco is lesser known in India and better known around Europe. And soon we are about to change this picture where they will be better known in India as well. Some of the most advanced welding power sources anywhere in the world come from the Selco stable. Look up, read the features. Welding Technology has never been this advanced; welding power sources have never been as reliable. If you are seeking reliable premium welding equipment from Selco in your premises, call us now.
KM Crown Welding Consumables – There are welding consumables that are cheap and then are welding consumables that have all the approvals you want to know. These consumables come with approvals from “you name it, they have it”. IBR, IRS, Lloyd, ISO, Thermax, BHEL, RDSO, and any other you can think of. Available through our exclusive network. Visit for more on the company, products and call us to check necessary approvals.
CK Worldwide TIG Welding Products – The most exclusive welding torches. It is difficult to know how much innovation can be achieved with a product as simple as TIG Welding torches. Just click and surprise yourself. Ask us for information about the products and learn how they can help you save for your organization.