ATE Welding Enterprises
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About Us
ATE Engineering Enterprises
ATE Engineering Enterprises is now ATE Welding Equipment, Robotics and Automation (WERA) Pvt. Ltd.
The company is now geared to handle your demands for hard automation, robotics among others in the welding area.
The company has expanded operations with sales beginning in the Middle East. New products have been added to our range, new idealogies incorporated. A new reformed ATE is out now and in the world market.
Our Business
While your favourite ATE will continue to retain the same brand image, our products will be more robust than before, will deliver more than before and our service will delight you a lot more than before. Come to us and experience the difference
Who We Are
In 1987, a rather simple and straight forward Mr. Asit Sinha founded ATE Engineering Enterprises. At the time Mr. Asit Sinha was the Regional Sales Manager at the very well known Advani Oerlikon Ltd. (now known as Ador Welding Ltd.) Armed with his intelligence, humility and a very unique ability to win friends the company did great as far as profitability was concerned. Vendor registrations from Tata Motors Ltd., Thermax Ltd., Bharat Earth Movers Ltd., Bhabha Atomic Research Center and several hundred followed. The company started to see growth in its most basic form. Year after year newer products were introduced, quality improved several times over and delivery bettered each time we could.
Around this time, only son to Mrs. Saras and Mr. Asit Sinha, Mr. Akshat Sinha joined hands in 2002 after graduating as a Mechanical Engineer from the prestigious University of Pune. Mr. Akshat spent 4 years in working at grass root level understanding processes, product, manufacturing technology, clients, client satisfaction, product, product engineering, lifecycle projections, sustainable growth, growth pattern and much more. Over the last 4 years, the company has grown several folds. The company eventually changed status and became a Private Limited company. Mr. Akshat went on to post graduate with a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from the world renowned Symbiosis Center for Distance Learning to add to his learning curve. To further the carving path, long term sustainable growth and stability, the company tied up with several top notch companies of the world making an even stronger base for ourselves in the welding business. And as a measure of frog leaping in the automation sector, have taken on board the cream of the design industry. Some of our design experts are people of very high experience in the design field capable enough to fully design an independent plant for new setups requiring the kind of assistance.
Team ATE prides in very strong presence in covering virtually all sectors of the fabrication industry. These would be Pre Engineered Buildings, Pressure Vessels Manufacturing, Bus Body Building, Nuclear Power, Power Sector, Earth Moving Equipment, Construction Equipment, Wheels Manufacturing, Axle Manufacturing, Automotive Sector, Ship Building, Material Handling and more.
Our USP continues to remain one – to be the leading solutions and products provider as a single point of contact. From welding consumables to welding equipment, welding accessories to automation, you have only one number to call. Experience a world of possibility.